John Tassone, Jr., DPM


I want to welcome you to this blog. I also want to thank Data Trace for all that they have done in this endeavor and in their tireless efforts to publish the textbook. It is the people that make or break a company.  Data Trace is a successful and superb company because of all who work there. They are sincere, genuine, knowledgeable, and obvious experts in their field. They are also kind, patient, and a lot of fun to work with.  Thank you, Data Trace!

Now to the blog…

I have to admit, a big reason I wanted to write this blog was self serving. I know! This is a bad way to start, but I feel I should confess. I wanted to do this so I can improve my ultrasound knowledge and skill. I want to be better at sonography and I know I can learn from you. In exchange, hopefully all that I have picked up along the way can, in turn, help you. As I said in the “About the Author” page of this site, egos are to be left at the door. There are no experts here, but rather colleagues coming together to be better sonologists and practitioners used jumpers for sale.

The following are some of the ways I feel this site can help:

– Sharing links – Sharing tips to improve the images and guide purchases of new equipment – Directing us to papers, articles, research findings, and books – Sharing images – Sharing knowledge – Sharing reimbursement tips – Sharing cases to enlighten and teach – Posting difficult cases for opinions

So let’s get started…

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